Success! Cricut Vinyl and Dishwasher Test!

Do you recall that the other day I did a test using the regular Cricut vinyl (631 type) and said I would test it in the dishwasher for you?  Well, I did it and it WORKED PERFECTLY.

I have washed both of my test mugs by hand and in the dishwasher AND they still look as good as new!  If you’re not sure of the test, check out a previous post here, my YouTube Channel or my BRAND NEW FACEBOOK GROUP.

If you want to see what vinyl I used,  please click my affiliate link to check it out! I can wholeheartedly vouch for the vinyl and the light transfer tape for this application.



Dollar Tree “Haul” – includes a BIG Thumbs DOWN

Ok, so I went to the Dollar Tree last night….

I must confess, I was kind of bummed when the “Tree” moved into my neck of the woods!  However, I gave the ‘Tree” a chance AND concluded that they do offer some very cool deals (and some major flops).

ANyhoooo, I have been working a lot on my new Cricut cutting machine and pretty much having a blast. Here are  two things I’ve made…

So, where does the Dollar Tree come in you ask?

Watch my  haul review. I give two products Thumbs UP  and one product Thumbs DOWN.  Honestly, I can’t understand how the thumbs down product can be sold (with a straight face) because it doesn’t do ANY of what the packaging claims!!