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Great for Gifts or to Sell! Personalized Sublimation Coasters

Yes, these are sublimation BUT you could use the same technique to make a beautiful Tee shirt or hoodie using the printable heat transfer paper! I am having sooo much fun!! Have you tried sublimation yet?

cameo4 · Silhouette · Silhouette Tutorials · sublimation · Tips

NEW to Sublimation??? Want to learn to design for Sub OR for Print then Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl?

This is how to sublimate a mug, from start to finish. I use Silhouette to design and print. I have an Epson WF-7720 use Cosmos Ink.

My Amazon Store (You can use my link when you purchase ANYTHING from Amazon too! Thanks for your support!)

CREATIVE FABRICA SALE on monthly unlimited downloads:

Sublimation Paper

Heat Tape (and optional dispenser)

Mugs (I use the 11oz SubliCraft)

Cosmos Ink

PORTRAIT (Silhouette) – Swing Design

The HTV Paper I use to put image on my shirt with Easy Press or Heat Press

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5 Silhouette Studio Classes – 5 – Trace Tool (my personal favorite)

Hello again!

This week we will begin to delve into the fantastic TRACE TOOL. I’ve got to say that is is truly one of my FAVORITE things to play with. Since learning how to use this tool, I no loner have to purchase any svgs!!!

This final lesson of our 5 Part Series just brushes the surface of this amazing tool. You will learn to create some fabulous cut files, however!

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5 Beginner Silhouette Studio Classes · Just for fun.... · Silhouette · Silhouette Tutorials · Tips

5 Beginner Silhouette Studio Classes – 4 – Text Tool and Offset

Welcome back!

I am soooo glad you’re joining me here in class.

I’m pretty pumped about today’s lesson – especially the GLYPH part!! You will NOT BELIEVE how easy it is to use ANY glyphs for ANY FONT. Do you have the Samantha Font and have struggled with Font Book or BabelMap to find the pretty swirls? You will LOVE the glyph tool for this!! Promise!

Another one of my favorites that I just touched upon is the ‘Subtract’ tool where you can remove a part of an object to prevent layer upon layer of vinyl. I will have more details about this in future classes!!

Well, if you are enjoying (and learning from) these FREE classes, please share my website with your friends so that they, too, can get their machines outta the box and purring along creating beautiful things!! My website is simply

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See you in the next class!!



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5 Beginner Silhouette Studio Classes · Just for fun.... · Silhouette · Silhouette Tutorials · Tips

5 Beginner Silhouette Studio Classes – 3 – Offset Tool

Hello again!!

I hope you are enjoying my classes so far! Today, as promised, we will get ‘into’ something FUN!


I love using the offset tool because it gives TEXT a FUN, professional look whether you’re using it for Print then Cut (think personalized cake topper) or for HTV – (think personalized t-shirt)

In this week’s video I will walk you step-by-step through adding an offset to the text “Happy Birthday”. Once you learn these basics, you will be off an running – adding offsets to EVERYTHING!!!

Again, I am so glad that you’ve joined me in this Series!! I LOVE this fabulous Silhouette Software and I trust you are starting to love it too!!!

((Warm Hugs))


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PPS. See you in the next class!

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