Toddler/PreK Read Aloud Booklist

Hi Everyone!

cropped-me-for-wordpress.jpgI am branching out here a little bit from my usual craft postings.  I am currently starting a ‘read aloud’ program with my twin grandkids (who I cannot visit in person because they live VERY far away and since I’m the…. ahem…. elderly….. I’m being careful.  So anyhoooo, I thought you might like to join in IF you have a little one in your life OR if you know of a little one who might like to have ‘storytime’ during the closures of libraries etc.

I have been able to get a few of these books at my local library (curbside pickup) and the others I have purchased.  If you’d like more info about any of the books I’ve read or have plans to read, you can click on the covers below and it should take you to my link.  (yes, it is my affiliate link…if you use it I get a tiny commission BUT you can certainly just watch the book readings OR get the books at your library so that your young person can read along.  Also, in case you are wondering…. I am a former Elementary/Middle School teacher who still LOVES reading aloud!! 🙂

One last thing… I do have a new Facebook page where I am recording these books LIVE BECAUSE I would rather not (at this time) have these videos on YouTube.  PLEASE follow there to be alerted when LIVE.

Welcome!!! Please leave your comment! ~PattyAnne