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Mr and Mrs Cranium – Free Glitter and Rhinestone SVGs for Cricut and Silhouette Cameo

We at Team PattyAnne had sooo much fun creating these svgs for you.  We hope you love them as much as we do!!

Mr and Mrs Cranium
Mr and Mrs Cranium

Don’t forget that you can use my affiliate link to  (put in pattyanne as a code to get 10% off the purchase the reflective htv.

Below is the video of Mr. and Mrs Cranium.  I hope you don’t find it too scary.  Tracy, from Australia told us before our LIVE CLASS today that she started watching it late last night when she was home alone and had to turn it off until the morning.  Sorry, Tracy! Didn’t mean for it to be THAT SCARY.


Today's Live Class
Today’s LIVE Class

Well, in addition to posting several videos to YouTube this week, we also had our LIVE CLASS (it’s held every Saturday morning).  This class focused on creating these with our Silhouette Business Edition Software that we use for Cricut machines and Silhouette machines!  Join us! It is only $5 per month and you get 4-5 classes AND get to hang out with a great group of ‘girls’ and one guy (so far!).   Just go to to sign up.



Don’t forget to click on the LIBRARY LINK to grab Mr and Mrs Cranium (and our other free files).

Also, click below if you’d like to purchase the Silhouette Pick Me Up Tool.


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Can You Cut Rhinestone Templates with Cricut and with a Cameo…YES YOU CAN!

So many people have thought that they cannot cut rhinestone templates with Cricut machines whether they be Cricut Explore machines or Maker machines. The answer is YES you can!

While you cannot design your own rhinestone template in Design Space (like you can in Silhouette software) you can grab a premade template and cut it.

Today I demo how to do just that.  If you have a design you’d love to see ‘stoned’ let me know!  We love hearing your ideas!!



Just for fun....

Labels for Clothes and Back to School Supplies – Silhouette Software and Cricut Design Space

I loved doing this LIVE video today even though it kinda scared me A LOT!!
I REALLY got a bit unnerved when ‘stuff’ started to malfunction but hey, what can you do??? The ‘show’ had to go on.

All in all though, I think it went pretty well for my first YouTube LIVE.
I hope that you find the info in the ‘class’ helpful.


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Fabric Paint Review for Silhouette Cameo

Greetings!!! I enjoyed doing this video and even though the project did not turn out exactly as I had hoped, I was still pretty pleased with the outcome.  As I mention in the video, the bag and the fabric paints that I used came from Hobby Lobby. I do have a link below for a less expensive way to purchase the fabric paints if you want to give this a try!

PattyAnnesPlaceHave fun creating custom bags with this fabric paint. I guide you through the process step-by-step.




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Free Rooster svg and How to Use it with Silhouette and Cricut

I just LOVE this shirt.  It is so appropriate for a rooster that I know.

Rooster Shirt
This coulda been YOU, Chuck!

You see, a friend of mine, Caron, has a farm where she cares for many types of animals including llamas, alpacas, goats, some kind of fancy cows (Scottish highlanders???) chickens and a ROOSTER.

I learned first hand about roosters one day while visiting Caron.  She had asked me if I would give him – –  let’s just call him “Chuck”- –  some food.  Sure, I said.  And, since I’m not a farm girl I just sashayed into his area with his food.  Suddenly Chuck jumped into the air, raised up his rooster feet and ACCIDENTALLY jabbed me with his claws.  WTH???? Surely he didn’t mean to do that……   I tried to give him his food again….same deal only this time he drew BLOOD. I just could NOT believe it!

To this very  day, I don’t know why Chuck did that!! Was he protecting his ‘women’ ?   Or????  If you know… please tell me!!!

So anyway, if I had had my way that day, good old Chuck might just be a feather duster….

Oh, before I forget…the FREE svg is in the library line above!

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Carter Robot FREE svg

Have you got a young boy who is really into robots like Tammy’s grandson, Carter, is??

Well we have got a GREAT free svg for you today!!

Tammy made her grandson’s out of silver glitter and holographic vinyl which looks FANTASTIC!!  I especially love the greenish blue of the center rectangle.

Carter Robot

Another thing you could do with this one is to create it out of the reflective vinyl that is available through Auntie Tay’s site.  Here is a link to it…. (put pattyanne in as a code to get 10% off)

Anyhoooo, I think putting reflective materials on the back of backpacks is a super SMART way to help keep our kids and grandkids safe as they head back to school in the early morning hours.

To get this free SVG and more (we are adding more weekly!!) just go here: and sign up for our NEWSLETTER to get the FREE PASSWORD

Thanks for stopping by!!

Let us know if you know a child who also loves (and I’m quoting Carter here) Bo – Bots! 



Heat Press Nation

Just for fun....

Silhouette and Cricut Users – STOP WASTING MONEY on Sticky Flock!


However, I don’t know about you but I feel like I spend a small fortune buying Sticky Flock for my rhinestone bling. Today, someone in our Facebook Group (sooooo glad you asked, Chow!) asked a question about rhinestone sizing. I was going to cut out the same design that she had cut out so I could help her with sizing. Well, I’ve pretty much run out of my sticky flock (I do have a large order due any day) but I wondered what else I could use since this was just a sizing test.

At this point I thought I’d see if the sizing was good for the 10SS size rhinestones by just cutting CARDSTOCK! Well, much to my surprise and DELIGHT, I discovered that I could pretty much brush all of the rhinestones into my cardstock template!!! Now, if you have used rhinestones and sticky flock you will appreciate my elation. I mean, that sticky flock can get expensive!!

I will add, however, that if I was doing a very intricate design or one that I wanted to use over and over and over, I would most likely go with the Sticky Flock.

Ok, here is the link to the video where I show how to use the cardstock for BOTH Cricut AND Silhouette!

Heat Press Nation Cameo 3 Bundles by Expressions Vinyl
Just for fun....

Keep Your Kids SAFER with a FREE svg – Silhouette or Cricut

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy using this free svg.

Let’s keep our kids SAFER!
Heat Press Nation
Just for fun....

FREE Sparkly Rhinestone Template AND How to use it with Cricut and Silhouette

This was quite the experiment. If you watch the video you will see that it didn’t exactly have a happy ending. Through this video I discovered that I cannot us my beloved Flock for all of my rhinestone needs. There comes a time when STICKY FLOCK is definitely needed!!!

Let’s all be SPARKLY with rhinestones cut with Cricut or Silhouette

This is the Silhouette machine that I have and LOVE!