Table Runner and Block of the Week YouTube Video

I’ve decided to add the link for my YouTube video here. You know…. I’m pretty new at this YouTube/Blogging/Instagram/FB thing so hopefully this isn’t too much.

Here’s the video. There are links under the video if you would like to see the products I’m talking about.

Thanks so much for coming to my blog!! If you have suggestions for quilting my table runner, please leave me a comment.

Podcast Episode #4 Show Notes

Podcast Episode 4 Show Notes

Table Runner Sew Along

Table Runner Sew Along

Below are the show notes for Episode #4 podcast.

The table runner pattern we used for our FUN sew along.Table Runner 1 REVISED

Kari Schell’s new FREE daily EQ7 class: Catch the Waves.

My block with embroidery test. Recall the embroidery file was one from Anita Goodesign…their weekly design set. I think they currently have a Christmas one available.

patty with embroidery

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Sewing in our Jammies. Tomorrow – Tuesday at 9:30 am EST

Table Runner #1Do you sometimes get tired of sewing alone yet don’t want to lug your machine out??? 

 Have a Show ‘n Tell to share???

C’mon and join our free, fun, easy peasy table runner sew along!

We will all be able to SEE EACH OTHER 👍(unless you turn off your computer or laptop camera which is an option for you). 

All you need is a bit of fabric (charm squares are GREAT), your rotary cutter, ruler and mat to get started. 

We will cut the fabric, mark it, sew it and GAB!

Leave me a message or comment with your email and I’ll send you the info!! I’m excited to meet new sewing friends!!  I hope you are too!

~PattyAnne 💕

PS. Please message me by 8:45 tomorrow morning (that’s Tuesday morning) so I have time to send out your info.

I was WRONG. LQS. Farmer’s Wife Quilt. EQ7.

Episode 3 – Podcast

This podcast includes me admitting (YIKES) that I was wrong, talking about a local quilt shop FUN evening, discussing the Farmer’s Wife quilt AND reviewing a new-to-me notion.

As I mentioned, Rachel and I got 10 patterns from our LQS last night. The patterns that I discussed are from The Quilt Company. You can get the patterns there for $2.50 I believe. Oh, except the one created with the half square triangles…the that I said I might create an embroidery for the center square BECAUSE that one was designed by Robyn (the shop owner). If you want that one try contacting Robyn on her FaceBook page.

The rulers that I spoke of are the two following ones. If you happen to purchase them through my Amazon link, I make a VERY small (think itsy BITSY) commission at no extra charge to you. Of course you can try your LQS FIRST!

This is a link to the Farmer’s Wife book. If you click on it you can see a LOT of pages from the book to get a good idea of how interesting it truly is. I understand the book comes with a CD that includes all the templates. Like I mentioned, I MAY use Marti Michell templates for mine. I’ve got to go to her blog to see which ones I’ll need to purchase. The only set I currently own is Set A.

That’s pretty much it EXCEPT for this old dog learning her new EQ7 tricks.

PLEASE look at the following diagram. Is it correct? Specifically I’m talking about the outer gray triangles.

EQ7 Test

PLEASE check!!   Am I on the right track with the gray triangles that are highlighted in yellow??

Oops….  the notion I reviewed is this one. I’ll show you how terrific it is in my next video.

We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder …block

JACOB'S LADDERDid that title get you singing? It did me lol

I remember singing  about Jacob’s Ladder YEARS ago in VBS (yep….Vacation Bible School)  Did you go? My favorite part was always the crafts!

Back to ladders…. if you watch the video, you’ll find a link at the end to a blog where you can learn to make DIY a quilt ladder.  It’s not quite Jacob’s Ladder BUT, it’s a ladder similar to the one we had at Beginnings Quilt Shop — one that everyone (including me!) wanted to buy BUT it wasn’t for sale.

Soooo, this morning as, I was cruising the internet, imagine my excitement when I found a link to a DIY version!!! I could NOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!!  We can all make our very own QUILT LADDERS!!

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