We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder …block

JACOB'S LADDERDid that title get you singing? It did me lol

I remember singing  about Jacob’s Ladder YEARS ago in VBS (yep….Vacation Bible School)  Did you go? My favorite part was always the crafts!

Back to ladders…. if you watch the video, you’ll find a link at the end to a blog where you can learn to make DIY a quilt ladder.  It’s not quite Jacob’s Ladder BUT, it’s a ladder similar to the one we had at Beginnings Quilt Shop — one that everyone (including me!) wanted to buy BUT it wasn’t for sale.

Soooo, this morning as, I was cruising the internet, imagine my excitement when I found a link to a DIY version!!! I could NOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!!  We can all make our very own QUILT LADDERS!!

Episode 2 Podcast – LQS BOM and MY BOW

Episode 2 Podcast – LQS and Block of the Month

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I am not affiliated with Marti Michell….. Just like her templates!!

😳An addendum…. I went to my local quilt shop (LQS) to get next months block of the month (BOM) and I saw all these blocks already made and I have decided I kind a like the fabrics!!! Who-da thunk it!?!

Block of the Month with Robyn

Block of the Month


Block of the Month

Block of the Month

Block of the Month

Grrrrr…. Create a Non-threatening Bear Paw – Parts 1 & 2 -PattyAnne’s BOW #6

Bear Paw Block BOW #6 Part 1 & 2

bear paw block

I’m really pretty excited to do this Bear Paw block because I absolutely LOVE bears which is a good thing since we see them periodically in the ‘hood.  (We live in the mountains of Western NC where bear and turkey abound.)  ​You see, a few years ago I talked my husband into moving up here from Greenville, SC because this area reminded me so much of where I grew up in Pittsburgh AND, this mountain girl longed for an area that reminded her of her childhood home.

The following short video shows the bears at my neighbor’s house. Not sure why the video still shot is appearing sideways because the video is ok.

Ok, in the first of this week’s videos, I use EQ7 a bit.  As I mentioned, I recently learned of a version called EQ Mini that is less expensive. I contacted the company to see if they had a trial version that I could download, test run and give you my opinion of the software but they said that they do not have one at this time.  Bummer.

Anyhooo, after searching their site, it looks like the software can do a LOT. At the bottom of this post I’ll put a link to it in case you’d like to check it out.

In the meantime, here is a link to open and then print the FREE EQ7 cutting directions for the Bear Paw block. EQ7 Bear Paw

And now, for Part 1 of this week’s BOW.

And now on to Part 2….

Happy quilting,

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Magic Points and “Interesting” Fabric Choice by LQS


My LQS is doing a block of the month using Marti Michell templates


Block of the month from LQS

Block of the Month LQS Fabrics

Quite honestly, this is the first BOM I’ve ever been involved in locally.  I AM  thoroughly enjoying cutting and stitching the blocks EXCEPT for the fabric my LQS chose.  I know, I know… beauty is in the eye of the beholder but do any of you see the beauty?? Maybe I should post a larger view!
As another example, here are a two more blocks.

Marti Michell Blocks

Two more blocks showing  LQS fabric choice

While I am using the fabrics chosen by my LQS for my Block of the Month, Rachel is creating blocks with fabrics she has chosen. What do you think?

Rachel's Block

Rachel’s block with her chosen fabrics

Marti Michell Templates

Marti Michell Templates

To create our BOM blocks, we are using templates that are brand new to me – the 3″ Square Basic Set by Marti Michell.  Have you used her templates before? I LOVE how easy it is to match up pieces and POINTS for sewing AND there are no blasted dog ears to trim off.

Oh, in  addition to using the template set,  we added this book into the mix for MORE BLOCKS that can be created from this ONE SET.

Marti Michell Volume 1

Marti Michell Volume 1

Are you curious to see just what ONE SET of TEMPLATES can do??? Check out this very brief video.

Well, I better run! Gotta get this block done so that I can get the next one FREE from my LQS.

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Podcast Episode 1 – Intro 

podcast microphone

My setup

Let the Podcasting begin!

I’m so excited to try this out!
I’ll not only be podcasting the goings-on in the ‘basement’ but I will ALSO be takin’ it to the streets!
Hmmmmm,  where shall I go first? Maybe I’ll check out some local quilt shops and talk with the folks there about THE latest fabric line flying off their shelves. OR, maybe we’ll gab about their latest COOL gadgets or machines or…..

This is gonna be super FUN!

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