Create your Own SVG for your Cutting Machine (Cricut, Scan n Cut….)

easterr chick 2
Yes, you CAN create your own SVG files. It’s soooo very easy!

This video will give you all the how-tos. Just download the free software Inkscape from inkscape.ORG (No affiliation…just good FREE software!)

Love Harry Potter AND your Cricut Machine?

If you LOVE Harry and have a Cricut (or scan n cut etc.) check out the video below.castle capture

Create Photo Booth Props with your Cricut


Cricut New Year's Eve.JPG

Cricut New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Props

I was looking at all the free ‘stuff’ available through Cricut Access and thought some of you might like to use these for upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The BUMMER was that when I spied it in Access, I noticed the date said 2016.  I was thinking WTH???? (see the left example).

So, I went about fixing it so that it would reflect the upcoming year!!!

Happy New Year!!!


Cricut – Creating a LARGE image using 8.5 x 11 Cardstock

Hello again! My daughter and I are having so much fun playing with our new Cricut machines. I have some cardstock that is larger than 8.5 x 11 but my daughter doesn’t. ANYHOOO, she wants to create super fun LARGE decorations for the new craft room that her husband made for her (she’s sooo lucky!) AND, I think she wants to add some fun wall art to her precious twin babies’ rooms.

This image shows an example of using the smaller cardstock to create a larger image. In this case, the Hogwarts wall art is about 23″ wide.

Below the image is a tutorial. I hope it helps! Right now….at this moment…it is the best I know. 🙂


Why I LOVE Cricut and a Harry P Box Card Tutorial

I truly am impressed with the Cricut company.  I discuss two of the many reasons in the following video.

The second video is a tutorial showing how to begin creating a Harry Potter Box Card (or any other box card that YOU choose).  These cards are just SO. MUCH. FUN. TO. CREATE.   Oh, and by the way, they are  EASY …did I mention that???

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