Something Totally FUN Coming up soon!

The 4th of July week, I am going to do something FUN and a little different!  I’m going to demo how to use this REALLY cool new product from MODA – the Cupcake Mix Recipe Cards. (I will be using recipe cards #4 in my demo.)

As usual, cutting, sewing, PLANNING-the-quilting AND quilting will be on the agenda!!

If you’d like to follow along and cannot find the recipe cards in your local store, you can get them here on Amazon.   

You will also need a Print Charm Pack (I have one in my stash = YAY!!! ) and a Solid Charm Pack (I’m using white which I got from Amazon here.).  Of course you CAN certainly cut your own 5″ squares!!!

Moda Cupcake Mix #4

This is gonna be FUN – The 4th of July week!!  roll of caps

Hmmmmmm wonder if I need to buy some sparklers?  How about some “snakes“?  As a kid (since fireworks were illegal) we used to take a whole roll of caps and put them on a rock and then smash ’em with a hammer….. “cheap seats” firecrackers.  I am surprised I can hear today!   They were LOUD!

Anyhooooo…..check back THIS SUNDAY for the BOW

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