We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder …block

JACOB'S LADDERDid that title get you singing? It did me lol

I remember singing  about Jacob’s Ladder YEARS ago in VBS (yep….Vacation Bible School)  Did you go? My favorite part was always the crafts!

Back to ladders…. if you watch the video, you’ll find a link at the end to a blog where you can learn to make DIY a quilt ladder.  It’s not quite Jacob’s Ladder BUT, it’s a ladder similar to the one we had at Beginnings Quilt Shop — one that everyone (including me!) wanted to buy BUT it wasn’t for sale.

Soooo, this morning as, I was cruising the internet, imagine my excitement when I found a link to a DIY version!!! I could NOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!!  We can all make our very own QUILT LADDERS!!

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