The Lowly Pincushion Saves the Day….sorta

pincushionI was creating a new vinyl project…. it was to be a silhouette of my Golden Doodle, Daisy. Unfortunately, the blade of my Cricut must have had some gunk on it because it did not cut the text out well AT ALL.

(VERY unusual for my machine for sure!)

When I examined the blade, I could see something on it. I tried to wipe if off with a paper towel but it didn’t work. Soooo I got out my old trusty pincushion.

Here’s a little wikipedia history on the tomato cushion (I know you want to know):
One popular design—a tomato with a strawberry attached—was most likely introduced during the Victorian Era. According to folklore, placing a tomato on the mantel of a new house guaranteed prosperity and repelled evil spirits. If tomatoes were out of season, families improvised by using a round ball of red fabric filled with sand or sawdust. The good-luck symbol also served a practical purpose—a place to store pins. Typically, the tomato was filled with cotton, wool, horsehair, or sawdustand the strawberry with emery powder, an abrasive to clean and sharpen the pins.

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