Embroidery fail…

Ok, well, the embroidery for the center of my large Churn Dash was a fail….so far…..

It is just too small but with my hoop I cannot make it any larger (I used the 8 x 8 hoop).

Sooooo, now I’m going to try doing 4 small versions and then join them together as I did when I stitched my Woodland birds – Anita Goodesign wall-hanging.

For those of you wondering, yes, I did try the Floriani Split Wizard but couldn’t get it to work as I had hoped.  I’m thinking that the Wizard isn’t too bright.  No, no…..it COULDN’T be me. 🙂

Churn Dash

Back to the drawing board…..

Churn Dash – Large!

As you know, I’ve finished the small Churn Dash block for our 2nd BOW (Block of the Week) so,  I’m starting on the larger wall-hanging version.  I have sewn together both the top and bottom rows but am holding off on the middle row because I would like to add an embroidery file in the center square.  After I’m satisfied with the embroidery, I will sew all the rows together and begin quilting the wall-hanging with my walking foot.

At the bottom you’ll see a photo of my first embroidery sample being stitched.

LARGE Churn Dash Pieces

LARGE Churn Dash Pieces

Large Churn Dash

LARGE Churn Dash – Top and bottom rows are sewn.


PattyAnne’s BOW #2 – Churn Dash Walking Foot Quilting

I love using these pins to baste my quilts rather than the ‘stinky’ spray baste. Click on the image for more details.

Also, I ALWYS wear my Machingers Gloves whether I’m walking foot quilting or free motion quilting. Again, click if you’d like more info.

Churn Dash BOW (Block of the Week) – Perfectly Matched Seams

#2 Block of the Week – Churn Dash

In this video I’m going to show you how to cut the pieces for your Churn Dash block. If you would like me to send you a PDF of the cutting file (or an embroidery file) shoot me an email or comment below with your email address.
Thanks for joining me on this journey!!

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