PattyAnne’s BOW #3-5 Old Maid’s Puzzle

Be sure to watch to the end! I show a “cheap seat” work around for the plexiglass “tool” I demonstrated in a previous video.

PattyAnne’s BOW #3-3 Sewing the Old Maid’s Puzzle

If you like to chain piece like I do, you have got to get one of these gadgets. I love, LOVE mine!! (I actually have TWO!) Click on the image for a link to Amazon and more details.

Planning the Quilting on the Old Maid’s Puzzle block

I just had a thought….. if you want to try the Plexiglass thing but don’t have any, wouldn’t the glass from an old picture frame work too (as long as you’re very careful with it!) ??   You could put painter’s tape around the edges making it easier to see when you put it down on a table.

BOW #3-2 Old Maid’s Puzzle

This video demonstrates cutting the pieces needed for the Old Maid’s Puzzle block and shows how to mark the half square triangles.


BOW #3-1 Intro to Old Maid’s Puzzle

This video shows some cool ways to rotate the Old Maid’s Puzzle block to get different looks.

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