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Monkeys and Bears and Granny’s Choice Wall-hanging

I created this week’s Block of the Week, Granny’s Choice, in earth tones to coordinate with the bear shower curtain and the MONKEY????

Granny’s Choice was a lot of fun to create and very easy regardless of what my video bloopers may say. LOL  Link to the PDF is HERE. GrannysChoiceComplete

Below is my YouTube video in case you missed it.

In this video, I am adding the first leaf motif in the middle of each block.  After this was completed, I felt the blocks needed an additional leaf so I simply added a second one to the outside of the first.  I do think I still need to stitch in the ditch or something in the center four-square section.  Not sure what I’ll do yet.

This video shows how I marked and am sewing subsequent quilting. Prior to what you see here, I stitched in the ditchISH around the outside of all the triangles.  What this means is that I actually stitched about 1/4″ from the ditch.

And now….just for fun!!! I sure hope we do NOT have one of these visit our hummingbird feeders! We bring ours in at night because of the raccoons and bears.  Never thought there would be a bear at one in what appears to be the middle of the day!!!

Bear at Hummingbird feeder


Block of the Week · EQ7

Table Topper #1 Near “Disaster”

Word Page 1

This is the EQ7 drawing of the table topper we will be creating. Click here for PDF

Table topper drawing from EQ7
Table topper drawing from EQ7

Cut your fabric according to the instructions above.  (Not sure how? Send me a comment and I’ll help!)
You will be making 16 blocks. Each of the blocks will have a finished size of 8” x 8

Block size EQ&

Mark the squares which are to be half square triangles from corner to corner. Sew and cut.

Half Square triangles marked Half Square Triangles all marked

I like to chain piece my units and then cut them apart. AFTER they are completely sewn and cut, square them to exactly 2.5”

This helps when aligning them later for exact sewing AND it also removes the pesky dog ears.

Rotating Cutting Mat
Cheap Seat Rotating Cutting Mat

When all my blocks are done, I always lay my whole quilt out and pin the blocks together so that I don’t make any mistakes when sewing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work.

Quilt on table
So far so good.

Here is what each set of FOUR blocks should look like when sewn together.

One block is complete
One down and lookin’ GOOD.

Below is what I THOUGHT was my finished table top.
Honestly, I really like the pattern I created (this is a first for me and Electric Quilt!)

I mean I was H.A.P.P.Y.

I was sooo happy that I was singing, “Ring of Fire” because, my quilt reminded me of a fiery ring……. And THEN, I spotted IT. Not just IT but THEM.

ERRORS!!! OMG…. Whatever should I do?

In the past, I would have seriously considered throwing the whole dang thing into the trash BUT, I liiiked this one. I really did. So, I bit the bullet and got out the dreaded ripper. It was SCARY. I mean, I wasn’t so sure I could remove an internal block, rotate it and sew it back in without it causing me massive GRIEF.

I know, I KNOW… you wanna see the messed-up version.  Ok, here it is. Can you see IT… I mean THEM???? (It’s the one on the left if you’re on your desktop computer LOLOLOL)
oh no   fixed

And on the right is the fixed version. I hope it isn’t too weird of me to say this but dang-git, I’m proud of myself for fixing it. Those of you who know me, know of my reputation of making ‘sewings’.  You know, UFOs that will never see the light of day BECAUSE they did not turn out as I had imagined them in my mind’s eye (or maybe I just got bored).

Well that’s about it. Have you ever had a mess-up like mine?
Oh, shhhhh don’t tell anyone but I used to work in a quilt shop and we had a lady who made our quilt samples and did a fabulous job on EVERY quilt except one where she had a block upside-down in the middle of a king sized quilt.
I hope she never noticed because I bet she would be mortified.

Well, thanks for dropping by!! Happy Sewing and Quilting!


Block of the Week

Table Runner and Block of the Week YouTube Video

I’ve decided to add the link for my YouTube video here. You know…. I’m pretty new at this YouTube/Blogging/Instagram/FB thing so hopefully this isn’t too much.

Here’s the video. There are links under the video if you would like to see the products I’m talking about.

Thanks so much for coming to my blog!! If you have suggestions for quilting my table runner, please leave me a comment.

Block of the Week

We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder …block

JACOB'S LADDERDid that title get you singing? It did me lol

I remember singing  about Jacob’s Ladder YEARS ago in VBS (yep….Vacation Bible School)  Did you go? My favorite part was always the crafts!

Back to ladders…. if you watch the video, you’ll find a link at the end to a blog where you can learn to make DIY a quilt ladder.  It’s not quite Jacob’s Ladder BUT, it’s a ladder similar to the one we had at Beginnings Quilt Shop — one that everyone (including me!) wanted to buy BUT it wasn’t for sale.

Soooo, this morning as, I was cruising the internet, imagine my excitement when I found a link to a DIY version!!! I could NOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!!  We can all make our very own QUILT LADDERS!!

// //

Block of the Week

PattyAnne’s BOW #5 – MODA Cupcake Mix Recipe – Intro – Cut – Stitch – Quilt

Quilting this MODA Cupcake Mix Recipe Card Block has been interesting, however,  I’m not sure I’d really want to do a ‘ton’ of them because it may be easier to just do “normal” half square triangles??

What do you think?  Do you like them? Yay or Nay?? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

One thing that I DID like was that I really didn’t have to think as I pieced the blocks. It was a Zen-like  kinda sewing and that’s a GREAT thing some days!

Quilting the MODA Cupcake Mix Recipe
This is the Moda Cupcake Mix Recipe used in the video

Want to try a set of the recipe cards? If you cannot find them in your local store,  here’s a link.  As mentioned, I used the MODA CUPCAKE Mix Recipe #4.  There are (I think) 8 different ones available now AND the large MODA CAKE Mix Recipe Cards.

Happy Quilting,


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Block of the Week

PattyAnne’s BOW #5 – MODA Cupcake Intro, Cutting, Stitching and Quilting

This block has been interesting. I’m not sure I’d really want to do a ‘ton’ of them because it may be easier to just do “normal” half square triangles??

What do you think?  Thumbs up or thumbs down? Leave a comment and let me know.

The one thing that I DID like was that I really didn’t have to think…. it was a Zen kinda sewing and that’s a GREAT thing some days!

Want to try them?  Here’s a link.