Planning the Quilting on the Old Maid’s Puzzle block

I just had a thought….. if you want to try the Plexiglass thing but don’t have any, wouldn’t the glass from an old picture frame work too (as long as you’re very careful with it!) ??   You could put painter’s tape around the edges making it easier to see when you put it down on a table.

BOW #3-2 Old Maid’s Puzzle

This video demonstrates cutting the pieces needed for the Old Maid’s Puzzle block and shows how to mark the half square triangles.


BOW #3-1 Intro to Old Maid’s Puzzle

This video shows some cool ways to rotate the Old Maid’s Puzzle block to get different looks.

Embroidery fail…

Ok, well, the embroidery for the center of my large Churn Dash was a fail….so far…..

It is just too small but with my hoop I cannot make it any larger (I used the 8 x 8 hoop).

Sooooo, now I’m going to try doing 4 small versions and then join them together as I did when I stitched my Woodland birds – Anita Goodesign wall-hanging.

For those of you wondering, yes, I did try the Floriani Split Wizard but couldn’t get it to work as I had hoped.  I’m thinking that the Wizard isn’t too bright.  No, no… COULDN’T be me. 🙂

Churn Dash

Back to the drawing board…..

Churn Dash – Large!

As you know, I’ve finished the small Churn Dash block for our 2nd BOW (Block of the Week) so,  I’m starting on the larger wall-hanging version.  I have sewn together both the top and bottom rows but am holding off on the middle row because I would like to add an embroidery file in the center square.  After I’m satisfied with the embroidery, I will sew all the rows together and begin quilting the wall-hanging with my walking foot.

At the bottom you’ll see a photo of my first embroidery sample being stitched.

LARGE Churn Dash Pieces

LARGE Churn Dash Pieces

Large Churn Dash

LARGE Churn Dash – Top and bottom rows are sewn.


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