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St. Patrick’s Day Tee-shirt from Start to Finish

Let me just start with….yesterday was NOT my day!! Have you ever had days like that?   I tried to do my weekly ‘show’  Jean Freda Challenge LIVE but was unable to do so due to our internet going off and on.  I THOUGHT that it was fixed  (and tried it a second time) only to have friends/viewers start saying (a few minutes into the ‘show’) that THEIR internet was acting up.  ONE by ONE they were saying in the chat ‘mine too’…… eventually we realized that it wasn’t THEIR internet but rather MINE AGAIN. 

OK Phew… I’ve vented a bit.

Anyhoooo after the daggum thing didn’t work LIVE yesterday I decided to record it and just upload it this morning to YouTube.  I surely hope you enjoy the ‘class’.  I’m particularly happy to have the shirt because St. Patrick’s Day is my b-day…. hence my name….. and I am going to love wearing it!!  THANKS Jean Freda!!!

Here are my affiliate links to the two products I use in the video.  If you use my links to purchase, I do get a small commission which helps fund PattyAnnesPlace….. THANK YOU!

Samantha CRAFT Font

Tee-Pat it