Magic Points and “Interesting” Fabric Choice by LQS


My LQS is doing a block of the month using Marti Michell templates


Block of the month from LQS
Block of the Month LQS Fabrics

Quite honestly, this is the first BOM I’ve ever been involved in locally.  I AM  thoroughly enjoying cutting and stitching the blocks EXCEPT for the fabric my LQS chose.  I know, I know… beauty is in the eye of the beholder but do any of you see the beauty?? Maybe I should post a larger view!
As another example, here are a two more blocks.

Marti Michell Blocks
Two more blocks showing  LQS fabric choice

While I am using the fabrics chosen by my LQS for my Block of the Month, Rachel is creating blocks with fabrics she has chosen. What do you think?

Rachel's Block
Rachel’s block with her chosen fabrics
Marti Michell Templates
Marti Michell Templates

To create our BOM blocks, we are using templates that are brand new to me – the 3″ Square Basic Set by Marti Michell.  Have you used her templates before? I LOVE how easy it is to match up pieces and POINTS for sewing AND there are no blasted dog ears to trim off.

Oh, in  addition to using the template set,  we added this book into the mix for MORE BLOCKS that can be created from this ONE SET.

Marti Michell Volume 1
Marti Michell Volume 1

Are you curious to see just what ONE SET of TEMPLATES can do??? Check out this very brief video.

Well, I better run! Gotta get this block done so that I can get the next one FREE from my LQS.

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