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Free Rooster svg and How to Use it with Silhouette and Cricut

I just LOVE this shirt.  It is so appropriate for a rooster that I know.

Rooster Shirt
This coulda been YOU, Chuck!

You see, a friend of mine, Caron, has a farm where she cares for many types of animals including llamas, alpacas, goats, some kind of fancy cows (Scottish highlanders???) chickens and a ROOSTER.

I learned first hand about roosters one day while visiting Caron.  She had asked me if I would give him – –  let’s just call him “Chuck”- –  some food.  Sure, I said.  And, since I’m not a farm girl I just sashayed into his area with his food.  Suddenly Chuck jumped into the air, raised up his rooster feet and ACCIDENTALLY jabbed me with his claws.  WTH???? Surely he didn’t mean to do that……   I tried to give him his food again….same deal only this time he drew BLOOD. I just could NOT believe it!

To this very  day, I don’t know why Chuck did that!! Was he protecting his ‘women’ ?   Or????  If you know… please tell me!!!

So anyway, if I had had my way that day, good old Chuck might just be a feather duster….

Oh, before I forget…the FREE svg is in the library line above!

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