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5 Beginner Silhouette Classes – Class 1 – Introduction


You have made a FANTASTIC decision to get your Silhouette machine out of the box and begin creating EVERYTHING you’ve always known your machine could make!  I use the Silhouette Cameo 3 in these videos. I am going to also demo the Silhouette Portrait soon!! LOVE this little machine!!!

In today’s video lesson, you will learn:

  • The differences between the versions of Silhouette Studio – Basic, Designer, Designer Plus and Business (Here is a link that gives lots of good info)
  • How I set up my Silhouette Studio work space
  • How to make sure that your blade is properly inserted
  • How to load your mat

Here are two images of blades. The blade on the left is inserted properly. The blade on the right is NOT correct.

Silhouette Blade Correctly Inserted Silhouette Blade Incorrectly Inserted

How to Load your mat. Make sure that that the left hand side lines up with the arrows as shown.

Ok, that’s if for the images! Now on to the VIDEO!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


PS. Here is the link to the software’s GREAT pricing!

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