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Hi Everyone!!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I sure did!! After eating a hearty meal of turkey I slept away most of the day LOL.  What do they say is in turkey that makes you sleepy?? Tryptophan??  Or is that just a myth??

Anyhooooo I wanted to tell you about a great deal this Black Friday.  OH, and I appreciate you using my links under all my videos when you’re checking for deals.  It truly does help me to cover the expenses of running PattyAnnesPlace! Thank you sincerely!!

Ok ….back to the sale… You KNOW how much I use CREATIVE FABRICA for everything.  Well, you can grab it for one month for just 99 cents.  You can continue your subscription after that OR JUST cancel it.  The deal is for one month you can grab tons of images, svgs etc etc for just 99 cents!!

Here’s the link.  Have fun shopping!!


creative fabrica sale

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