PattyAnne’s BOW #5 – MODA Cupcake Mix Recipe – Intro – Cut – Stitch – Quilt

Quilting this MODA Cupcake Mix Recipe Card Block has been interesting, however,  I’m not sure I’d really want to do a ‘ton’ of them because it may be easier to just do “normal” half square triangles??

What do you think?  Do you like them? Yay or Nay?? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

One thing that I DID like was that I really didn’t have to think as I pieced the blocks. It was a Zen-like  kinda sewing and that’s a GREAT thing some days!

Quilting the MODA Cupcake Mix Recipe

This is the Moda Cupcake Mix Recipe used in the video

Want to try a set of the recipe cards? If you cannot find them in your local store,  here’s a link.  As mentioned, I used the MODA CUPCAKE Mix Recipe #4.  There are (I think) 8 different ones available now AND the large MODA CAKE Mix Recipe Cards.

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PattyAnne’s BOW #5 BONUS – Flower Pounding Part 2

To make your fabric ready for pounding, you will need to soak it for 5 minutes in Bubble Jet 2000 (See previous blog post for a link to the product.)

Flower Pounding Setup

Soaking the fabric for Flower Pounding

The directions on the bottle say to lay your fabric out flat but I didn’t do that. I’m thinking they say that in case you are doing yards of it.  My pieces measure approximately 12.5 x 11 inches.

So I put the folded up pieces in an old cottage cheese container and soaked them  for the 5 mins.  (I made sure I  kind of tapped them down so that all pieces/areas got wet from the solution. I also shook the bottle of Bubble Jet before using it.)

Flower Pounding Fabric Drying

Allowing the Flower Pounding Fabric to Dry

After the 5 minutes was up, I took the pieces out of the solution and squeezed them slightly to remove some of the solution and then I placed them on my cutting mat to dry.  When dry, I’ll iron them and they will be ready for the next part —- the FUN, EXCITING PART!    Don’t forget to pour the leftover Bubble Jet 2000 BACK INTO THE BOTTLE because it can be reused!!!

Ok, now for the recipe for the FAUX Bubble Jet 2000

2 Tablespoons of Alum (found in the spices section of your grocery store)

2.5 teaspoons of WASHING soda (NOT plain baking soda.  An example is Arm & Hammer Soda WASH)  If you cannot find it in the grocery store in the cleaning isle, you may find it at a hardware store such as ACE.  If all else fails, here is a link to a site that shows how to make your own.  I’ve not tried it, but……

1/2 teaspoon of liquid fabric softener

1 cup of HOT WATER

Mix all the above ingredients together in a bowl larger than you think you’ll need because it foams up.  After the foam dies down, you will be left with the liquid.  Soak your 100% cotton fabric in the solution for 5 – 10 minutes.  Lightly squeeze excess liquid from the fabric.  Hang fabric to dry.  When it is dry, iron it.  Again, put the leftover FAUX Bubble Jet 2000 in a LABELED container for future use.

Next up…. gather your flowers, leaves and ferns!

Happy Quilting!


PattyAnne’s BOW #5 BONUS – Flower Pounding Part 1

Flower Pounding

One of my very first Flower Poundings

I’m working on a really fun project today. Flower pounding is a noisy BLAST. (You may want to wear ear protection – seriously.)  Last time I taught this at my local quilt shop I think the gal who does the longarming there was about to go NUTS until she put on her headphone ear protection….. Sorry Debbie!

In the video I tell you the basic supplies you will need for the project. I also have links to them below the video if you are unable to find the products locally.

Don’t forget, I will be back later to show you how you can make your own “cheap seat” Bubble Jet 2000 (sorta kinda) from easily purchased grocery store items~PattyAnne

PS. Meet me back here soon! I’ll demo the making of the faux Bubble Jet 2000.

Happy Quilting!!


I love this Charity Project 

Charity Project

This bag was made for our Western NC Guild Charity Project using a pattern from Molly Hanson’s Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners book

I purchased the book below at my local quilt shop and REALLY LOVE it! I’ve been using the patterns in it to create color block zip bags and toiletry totes like this one for our guild’s charity project. Isn’t the fabric cute?

Anyhoo, the terrific thing about the book is that you can practice free motion quilting AND create something REALLY useful for someone in need at the same time! It’s a win / win! (There are quite a few other projects in the book too.)

See if your LQS has this book or purchase it below. It’s definitely a keeper!
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Using Dry Erase Markers to Plan Free Motion Quilting

Marking a Block with Dry Erase Marker

I’m using Plexiglas in this photo to design my quilting

I love planning my quilting using dry erase markers and a piece of Plexiglas that can be purchased at a Home Improvement store inexpensively. I have tried to use some of my other rulers, and while it does work,  the view is somewhat obscured because of all the markings on the rulers.

Marking a Block with Dry Erase Marker

Here I’m using a ruler. I can see ‘ok’.

Marking a Block with Dry Erase Marker

I’m using another ruler here. It is quite difficult to see because of all the ruler markings


For the actual quilt block, I’m going to quilt diagonal lines with my walking foot.

Lori Kennedy's Machine Quilting book

Lori Kennedy’s Machine Quilting book

Since I will be whipping up two more blocks (and making this into a super fun table runner) there will be sashing and borders to quilt.   In these areas, I’ll quilt a design from Lori Kennedy’s book (get the ebook for $9.99). Anyhoooo, the design is called “Double Loop Vine” and I think it perfectly mimics the leaves in the fabrics, don’t you?

Loop by Lori Kennedy

Double Loop Vine – Quilting pattern that Lori teaches in her book


My Fabric

My fabric. Check out the leaves under the bird!

Thanks for stopping by! Let’s go machine quilt our own quilts.

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