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YouTube LIVE tomorrow March 4th

jean freda phone charger

Hello everyone!!

I hope you are all doing well. I ALMOST have my voice back so I am going to to a “jean freda” tomorrow LIVE.

Now, I don’t know about you guys but around my house I am always claiming that every phone charger/iPad charger etc. belongs to MOI. Yes, I know they probably don’t all belong to me but sure seems like they are MINE. Oh my… I sure sound like a spoiled one don’t I? LOL

Anyhoooo Jean Freda (my sister) had seen these somewhere and she figured it would be a good project for my Weekly Jean Freda Challenge. If you aren’t familiar with my little (used to be very bratty) sister, her name is obviously Jean Freda and she LOVES to shop. Since I HATE to shop, I thought she could shop for me (projects for my cutting machine) and I could do the projects. It’s a lot of fun MOST of the TIME but occasionally I SWEAR she must try to find something to stump (aka embarrass) me as I fumble along LIVE.

Well, tomorrow I will be going through this project on YouTube around 1pm est. I hope you will join me!!!

Welcome!!! Please leave your comment! ~PattyAnne