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Can You Cut Rhinestone Templates with Cricut and with a Cameo…YES YOU CAN!

So many people have thought that they cannot cut rhinestone templates with Cricut machines whether they be Cricut Explore machines or Maker machines. The answer is YES you can!

While you cannot design your own rhinestone template in Design Space (like you can in Silhouette software) you can grab a premade template and cut it.

Today I demo how to do just that.  If you have a design you’d love to see ‘stoned’ let me know!  We love hearing your ideas!!



12 thoughts on “Can You Cut Rhinestone Templates with Cricut and with a Cameo…YES YOU CAN!

  1. Hi I have a cricut maker and would love to learn how to cut rhinestone patterns. I am currently working on a project and need help making a crown. I have an image in mind!

  2. Hello! Great tutorial I really learned a lot. Is there a specific type of rhinestone you use or just any will do?

  3. Hello,
    If I have a cricut would downloading the silhouette business software be compatible?

      1. What type of paper are you using in the Cricut to cut pattern? Thank you. I have tried flock and velvet with no luck. What setting do you use.. vinyl, cardboard? Thank you!

  4. I have the Silhouette Curio & I believe I have the business software (I can create my own rhinestone templates using it). I’ve just ordered the Cricut Maker after frustration with the Curio, do I have the right software to use on the Cricut Maker?

  5. Hi,
    This was MAJORLY informative as I just bought a Cameo 4 and was wondering about it being able to cut rhinestone templates. I have a US Cutter machine as well, but it’s too large and can be difficult to adjust the blades for some flocking.
    I love your blog and this website. Lots to learn.
    Lisa Marie

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