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Guest Teacher Tomorrow! A Terrific FREEBIE and a SALE too good to miss!

Hi Everyone!

Those of you in my patreon classes will have a wonderful opportunity to be taught by svg designer extraordinaire, Nancy Backes LIVE tomorrow. If you are NOT in the Patreon group, I WILL be making this video available to everyone because this project that Nancy has done for us is way too good for you to miss. I’ve GOTTA SHARE!!!

So here is a little bit of what Nancy has designed for us. In the class she will tell us how to use her templates (which will be available for FREE on my website soon!). Again, if you are in the group, watch your email for the link to the LIVE Zoom class. Otherwise, watch for the video to be posted on

Capture nancy

Ok, now for the SALE!!!

I don’t think you’ll want to miss this one!!! Cricut (yes, you can use with your Cameo) Buy 3 GET 3 FREE!!! Not only that….if you use the coupon code, HAPPY, you will get AN EXTRA 10% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING!!! Here is my LINK.

Honesly, this is a sale that can’t be beat!!!!


Well, thanks so much for your ongoing support. Those of you learning to use the Silhouette Software, please let me know if you have any questions!!!

(Warm Hugs!)

PattyAnne (make sure you’re subscribed and you’ve hit the little bell so that you’ll be notified!


5 thoughts on “Guest Teacher Tomorrow! A Terrific FREEBIE and a SALE too good to miss!

  1. I have a purchased svg that took a lot of colors( it came in all black, but showed the different colors on Etsy, I thought that was what I was getting…ready to cut) I figured out how to change the colors like her example. I may have done it the slow way, but it is done,
    However, I can’t figure out how to cut it without it being scrambled. I have tried attaching, but it turns it to one color. I have tried grouping sections, but it is still scrambled.
    I have it in DS, can I share it with you and you help me figure this out?
    or maybe you already know what I’m saying and can tell me.
    I have spent so much time on this already.
    love it, but not if I can’t do anything with it :0)

      1. yes I did. I thought I left you an answer. I may not have put in right place?
        It was Rudolph the red nose reindeer wall hanging I posted last week. My daughter loved it! Me too now that I have it figured out!

  2. hello patty i trying to save Nancy’s templates, in the youtube video you said we can find the templates in your blog on the library, I subscribed and received an email but not the password to see the file for the template can you help me please ?

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